The dark grand piano is our first instrument for the native instruments kontakt platform


    The dark grand will breathe excellence right into your project with 150 piano style presets to choose from! A true one of a kind powerful simplistic piano instrument. This is the piano instrument you have been dreaming about!


    The dark grand piano is a 85-key grand from the early 1920's. Recorded using special mic methods to really capture the character and essence of this piano. 


    Ranging from cinema style pianos to scary spooky distant tones to warm grand piano sounds to out of this world piano sounds etc. 


    This  piano instrument is geared towards the new artist or the advanced pianist. The simplicity in the one page GUI design of the dark grand is really where it shines! 


    Giving you the controls you need and access to them right away. We created the dark grand for anyone who desires that lush warm vibrant grand piano sound or that dark erie tone. 

    Recording or playing live the dark grand piano delivers visually and sonically!

    The dark grand and it’s ease of use make it easy for anyone of any age to start playing. Whether you are a regular piano player or it is your first time behind the keys. 


    The dark grand makes it incredibly simple to get an amazing piano sound into your project within seconds!

      $99.99 Regular Price
      $29.99Sale Price

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