Underground Techno
Volume Three

Xfer Serum Soundbank

75 High Quality Xfer Serum Presets + (2) Xfer Serum Skins + Freebies

Dark Silence - Underground Techno V3 Audio Demo
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Underground Techno Volume 3 For Xfer Serum is Available Now!


Featuring 75 ultimate high quality techno oriented xfer serum presets!


Our sound design team took alot into consideration while building the Underground Techno Volume Three Collection!


Underground Techno V3 is loaded up with 75 presets 50 of them being lead presets to get you creating immediately! Along with 25 additional bass, fx and melodic arp xfer serum presets bringing an outstanding addition to this incredible collection!


The leads in this massive techno collection have been carefully crafted with precision to replicate an analog signal. Packed with random nuances, giving each preset its own true virtual analog character. 


Our audio demo showcase lets you really experience the character these presets have to offer your ears! We decided to strip back all the drums fx, etc, to give you an authentic feel to each individual preset you are purchasing with no fluff included!


The audio demo gives you a small glimpse into the actual power Underground Techno Volume 3 truly has to offer you, as a techno music producer!


The sound design team’s goal was to create an amazing third chapter to a very successful Underground Techno Collection! Volume 1 and Volume 2 has made their way into some of the top techno music producers studios in the world!


Each preset in this collection gets the ideas flowing immediately from the first note played!


All presets are synced up using all 4 macros featured in the powerful Xfer Serum macro control system.


Regardless of what style of techno you produce this pack gives you an amazing tool set to create authentic techno music productions! 


Included with this already amazing package (first time we are giving away 2 skins with a product) Two additional Xfer Serum Skins!

Customize the look and feel of Xfer Serum with (2) fresh new serum skins!